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23 December 2009


David Steinberg

Hi Sue. Thanks for linking to my airport security story, and adding stories and perspectives of your own. I'm told by people who do airport security work that dealing with sex toys has become fairly routine for them -- at least in places like San Francisco and Seattle. -- David Steinberg

Allen Young

I'm so vanilla, it's embarrassing, but I enjoyed the article.

David Thorstad

I've gotten through life without a single sex toy, which, in view of your piece, seems remarkably unexperimental. Some of my best friends, though... Loved the airport story.

Sue Katz

David and Allen, Sex toys sure don't make the lover - vanilla or otherwise. They're like additional spices - the meal can be filling, hearty and delicious without them.

But I'd like to see the Cossack (Xmas reference) who would try to separate me from my Magic Wand vibrator!

Liz Sheffield

I hear Boston is slated to get full body scanners in 2010...this is great news...I can share the beauty of my gorgeous genital piercings with others

Sue Katz

Do your genital piercings ever set off the metal detectors Liz? I've always been curious about that (and nipple piercings too).

Liz Sheffield

In all of the air travel that I have done since 2003-04, never once have my piercings set off the detectors. One is 14k gold and the other is 18k. I don't foresee any problems in the future. I don't have nipple piercings so I can't comment about that.

Liz Sheffield

In reference to your comment about your Hitachi magic wand...I can't agree with you more. It's the best vibrator on the planet and gawd forbid I ever need to go into a nursing home...it's coming with me!

Sex Toys

Here are some very good tips to explain about your sex toys during the airport security. which Would be very helpful to pass the security check in the airport.

Adult Toys Australia

well thanks for sharing your story, there are toys that are not obvious noticeable as sex toys, and thanks for the tips to bypass this security issues in the airport.

SF Sex Toy

Love the bit on the bondage cuffs being for working on the computer. Sweet.

sex toys for men

I love the duck sex toy. It's kinda cute and not harmful.

Kaicee Love

There is a great website that I have ordered from a couple times and they have a large variety of discreet sex toys... My favorite one is a blush brush vibrator which has been passed several times in my makeup bag lol
hope this helps!

adult sex toys

The really good news here is that the public has so much more information about body safe materials and I find that they are better educated about the products.

G-spot Vibrators

Why not? How can vibrators be used as weapons?

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