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08 January 2010



Thanks for this! So true. And Johnny Depp can even show up with dirty, stringy hair and still be considered sexy. Let a woman try that one!

Joan Price

Wow, Sue. You're always good -- but this is exceptional. I just linked to this blog post from my FB page. Though I don't really want to return to combat boots with dresses, I think shoes that you can walk in, and, if necessary, run in should be what we wear for all occasions, including awards shows. What kind of message does the shoe in your photo send to young women? (I hope that we older women are past that.)

Joan Price
Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty

Sue Katz

Joan, your point is well-taken. Last year at the Academy Awards I noted once again that the only women who had short hair and/or wore pants were either over 50 or dykes. At a wedding I went to this year, the only other woman besides me at the whole affair w/ short hair & wearing pants was a woman in her 80s.
And Melanie, I had this feeling that Johnny Depp went out of his way to get his hair to droop so greasily in his face. You're so spot on that women sporting the disheveled look are usually accused of being high/drunk/crazy.
Thanks to both of you for your comments.


Right, Joan. Not to mention how unhealthy very high heels are for the body - the back, the feet. If someone lives in those, they can cause long-term orthopedic issues.

Sue Katz

Excellent point Melanie,
I've written many times about the health impact of long-term heel-wearing on the tendons and the joints. I had an elderly aunt who had to have 3-inch heeled bedroom slippers because her feet no longer could go flat.

Joan Price

Thank YOU for starting such an interesting conversation, both here and on Facebook.

Is it ok to tell your blog readers that I have a FB fan page for my new book, Naked at Our Age: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Naked-at-Our-Age-by-Joan-Price/200965361578?v=wall -- where we're talking about senior sex.


Thanks so much for writing about the absurdity of how these women are dressing. As an active feminist in the early 70's, little could I then imagine that 40 years later it would come to this. At least we have Ellen in the midst of these bozos. I just don't get it.

Sue Katz

I have written about this stuff so often, Anita, that I'm thrilled to have so many friends in agreement (here and on Facebook). Thanks for writing!

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