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16 January 2010


eleanor roffman

you are so right on target. remember new orleans when black people were taking necessary things, they were looters, when white people do the same they were desperate.
same perspective presented in the media about what is happening domestically as well as internationally, covert and overt racism.

Sue Katz

As always, Eleanor, you're spot on! Thanks.


I agree, as always you are on the spot. I would love to say that I am shocked but I knew this was coming it is inevitable, in one way the it is funny because it;s almost comical in it's predicatbility, in another way...


Your comments totally reflect what my mate and I have been saying since coverage of this disaster began. First, it was "Things could get ugly here fast..." Then it was "Oh noez, fights are starting!" Now it's "Looters and Rioters and Unrest, oh my!"

And when any of those 3 things are discussed, it's the same few clips which are run! Where's the wide-spread panic, the city in flames, the hordes of people marching? They are trying to stay alive, that's where.

Shame on our media. Shame on them.

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