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28 January 2010



When Robert McNamara came to BU, Howard bolstered our confidence. Being brought up to be deferential to ivy, I watched Howard with great interest. His manner was regal yet simple. To face this Secretary and testify was an essential and seemly act, a critical step in affirming our belief in humanity. Look at your moral compass; never turn away from true north.

Allen Young

At the above website you can read Zinn's influential 1967 essay "Dow Shalt Not Kill." This was my introduction to this wonderful writer and activist. I remember it was one of the items that was distributed by Liberation News Service (LNS) right around the time it was launched by Ray Mungo and Marshall Bloom.

Sue Katz

V and Allen, amazing the images we remember in such detail. I'll check out the essay, Allen - I remember the title. V - you sure walk the walk, yourself.

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