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01 February 2010


Danny Miller

That's weird because I agree with every single thing you said and yet I still enjoyed the film (even though I was hoping I'd hate it because James Cameron gets on my last nerve). I even saw it twice! It's simplistic as hell including the blue people's alleged life-affirming purity and goodness, but I bought it, at least while wearing those damn glasses, and even cried twice. Sigourney Weaver's presence helped a lot, I love that woman.

Sue Katz

Danny, you simply have a more complex brain than mine, because once I am irritated by an attitude like Cameron's arrogance, I just can't appreciate anything else about it. You have a bigger perspective I suspect. Do you know that 2 days later my eyes STILL hurt?!


I haven't seen the film, but a few friends have told me that they suffered from a headache for a couple of days after seeing it(those glasses). They also said that it was over rated.

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