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29 April 2010



Great blog. Your wonderful descriptions about the area and people were so vivid, it made me feel like I was right there.

Sue Katz

Perhaps one day, Jo-Lynne, you'll join me there. Thanks for the comment.

Allen Young

I loved reading this, relating best to the stuff about you as an "elder" (do we laugh or cry?) and all the mentions of food. I will see you there at May Day. And some day, I will read your novel, I hope!

Sue Katz

From your lips to mainstream publishers' ears, Allen!

Gema Gray

I just love your travelogues. They've been few and far between recently, which makes this one all the sweeter. Commiseration on the car trouble. Anticipation on the novel.


I enjoyed this too - New England is one part of the US I'd love to visit.

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