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11 July 2010


Allen Young

Hail to all union maids and union men, and those who fight for the rights of workers. My partner is a union man, my father and mother were union members, and I once belonged to the Newspaper Guild. Yes, hail to unions, the people who brought us the weekend.

Sue Katz

Allen, I adore that slogan: Unions - the people who brought us the weekend. Somewhere I have a bumper sticker with just those words. I'm not surprised you're a union guy at heart.

Alexander "Sasha" Reuther

Thanks for this great piece, Sue. (I enjoyed Herbert's as well.) I'm Victor Reuther's grandson and an independent filmmaker in NYC...producing a feature documentary on my family legacy, Brothers On The Line. My generation knows little of Labor's storied past. I'm proud to do my part to educate and motivate. Let's keep in touch. In Solidarity, Sasha.

Sue Katz

Sasha, how exciting to hear from you. Do you want to be put in touch with my cousins, Ken Morris' two sons? I know they are grappling with all of Uncle Ken's papers and are also working on pulling something together. You might all want to talk to each other.
Meanwhile, I so appreciate hearing from you and definitely would dig staying in touch.

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