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16 July 2010



Sue, you're a woman after my own heart. Please check when you go back to the store and find out if they fixed this in their system. I'll bet you they don't. THAT would be justice! Either change the sign or change the price in the system. I just had this happen at a store here, and I plan to take it up with them next time I'm there. They stole a few dollars from me in the process.

Sue Katz

Melanie, I told him I'd be back to investigate whether it was systematic. If I'm near there I'll take your advise and drop by tomorrow.

Chuck Coffman

With apologies to the source of a famous quote, "the price of economic freedom is eternal persistence". Thanks for a wonderful article.

Sue Katz

Thanks so much, Chuck. I just wish it weren't so damned eternal!

Joan Price

I love this! I admit I don't always watch the ringing up with the eagle eyes you do. I'm happy that Trader Joe's is "perfect" because I love shopping there. One time, after ringing up my groceries at TJ, I discovered I had left my credit card in a previous store (I remembered where, but couldn't very well ask the cashier to wait for me to run there and back) and was about $3 short of cash to pay for my groceries. I was trying to figure out what purchases to leave behind. The cashier called over the manager, who said to discount my total by $5, so I could purchase everything and still have a couple of bucks in my wallet. After I thanked them both profusely, the manager said, "This is how we're not like Safeway."

Sue Katz

I just love that story Joan. I had an experience like that once - where the guy checking me out at TJ's just went and gave me one of their reusuable carry bags because it was raining and I had left mine in the car. I know people that have worked there ($10/hr) and who say they were very well-treated - always an important piece of info. Thanks for writing.


Our Kroger used to give shoppers the item for free when it rang up wrong. I'm not sure if they still do it, but I always watch, and I'm pretty good at remembering what the shelf price of something was.

I miss the days of the price gun, with little stickers on the goods. They sold us on the bar code, and it is fast, but it's only as accurate as whoever is inputting the data.

Sue Katz

Wow, Kroger - there's a flash from my past. The problem with the bar code is when it is set with a price that is higher than the price on the sign above the fruit - that's where the rip-off occurs. You're lucky your short-term memory is still intact!

In Massachusetts, by the way, we still have stickers on a lot of goods but I hear Walmart is lobbying to cancel that requirement.

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