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16 August 2010



Love to you darling and thanks so much for your introduction and blog post. Covered the bases. Enjoy the pie and please review it. I am always eager to hear about your eating experience, Still smiling.


Sue Katz

Loved the picture of you with our little one!

Shirley Moskow

Lovely. And, how generous of you to share this special experience with us. I'm sure that I'm not the only one left drooling over her keyboard.

Sue Katz

Shirley, there's still a half of blueberry pie if you can get over here today!


of the many well turned phrases in this high-caloric prose, "accomplished human" is the one i intend to confiscate for my own un-footnoted use.

Sue Katz

I'll trade you "accomplished human" for "high-caloric prose," my sweet.

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