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18 November 2010


Jo-Lynne Worley

Ugh...sounds like Bristol's bought her way into the show...she's her momma's girl after all.

Sue Katz

Yeah, the "blaming everyone else syndrome" is definitely a chip off the ole block.

Mike Berke

We not only have "the best politicians that money can buy", but the "best?" dancer, as well?

The best thing about this program has become the remote. Too bad; soooo sad.

Sue Katz

There are a lot of problems with this show (not the least the head judge's abject homophobia), but this is really foul, Mike.

Florence Hochman

Sue..I read about this man and mentioned him in my prayers.

Seriously, the program has become a sham and I tried to send them an email
to tell them not to have any political people on the show. Brandy was a gem to watch. Bristol is a joke and I guess it serves them right for wanting the ratings. Makes me sad....and MAD!!

Sue Katz

Flo, the biggest joke is that her "title" is, of all things, "teen activist." Yes, she was very active as a teen and viola! it brought her a baby.

Joan Price

So glad you're writing about this. I can't bear how she has desecrated this show. Clearly the voting is political and has nothing to do with the dancing. I'm sickened that Brandy is out and Bristol is in. Please, please, people, vote for Jennifer!

Joan Price

Just as I suspected -- Votefortheworst.com was promoting Bristol: http://www.votefortheworst.com/story/666599/join-our-tea-party-vote-for-bristol-palin-1800vote407. They're evil, those guys.

Sue Katz

Ugh. Yes, I knew you'd be equally as annoyed, Joan. I do like Jennifer and I like Lyle too, but Brandy was my fave. If Bristol wins, I suspect it will be the end of DWTS - and I suspect that they know it too.

Gema Gray

It's just like our politics. It's not about who would be better at the job, it's about who can "energize the base" and organize the best "get-out-the-vote" campaign.

Much as Bristol irritates me, I feel sorry for her. She has been used as a pawn and redeemed-fallen-angel symbol by the far right (led by her mom) since her pregnancy coincided with the 2008 elections. Their exploitation continues unabated, and I think she's too young and too dumb to realize it.

Sue Katz

I might have joined in your sympathetic attitude - and I think many would have - except that Bristol has shown herself to be rude, arrogant, mean-spirited and happy to ride on Sarah's coat-tails. She's a nasty piece of work. I'll keep my sympathies for some nice folks.

Joan Price

I thought she was a helpless little pawn until she said, "No offense to anyone else, but I'm not fake." I gasped. Not take? A teen mom who's an abstinence activist? Please!

Joan Price

I meant "not fake?" not "not take?" -- sorry.

Sue Katz

Yeah, she's been promoted as little miss purity - but in fact she is arrogant and downright unpleasant.

Gema Gray

Listen guys, I said I sympathized...not that I like her, or think she's a great person, or condone her snotty, holier-than-thou ways.

From how she's been brought up, to how she's being promoted, I think she has been "handled" and manipulated, and I do think that's a shame.

Sue Katz

I don't argue with anything you say, Gema, but at a certain point people need to take responsibility for themselves. She's out there lecturing others on how they should behave, so let her be considered an adult and take the consequences of her actions. Like slagging off people who have been very supportive towards her.

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