24 November 2010


Joan Price

Oh dear, we don't often disagree, but this time, we do! I love lyrical/ contemporary dance and I love Mia's choreography. I agree that she can be mean or freaky-weepy as a judge. But I detest Mary's screaming. Detest it! Really, it doesn't send you running to another room until it's over?

Sue Katz

Well Joan, I'd take Mary's screaming over Nigel Lythgoe's homophobia and sexism any time of day. Although there's no question that she is loud. And I'm sure Mia must deserve your praise of her work in contemporary, but I find her contemptuous and smarmy as a judge. Love your phrase "freaky-weepy" - you ought to think about becoming a writer!!

Joan Price

While we're sniping at the judges, why such obvious botox? Geeze, the judges faces are still as granite with only their mouths moving and their eyes darting under immobile foreheads.

Sue Katz

It's not such an appealing treatment, is it? And despite that, it is so widely used. Confounding, indeed, Joan.

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