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13 November 2010



Whew! You must be incensed. Something to ponder on - perhaps all the clueless people who are actually buying her book will now also buy yours so they can read everything related to Sarah. You may soon get that winter coat after all!

I'm incensed because I am now subjected to hearing that voice for at least the next 2 years, and most likely beyond that. That voice...shivers up the spine and all that, never knowing when it's going to hit you!

Sue Katz

Anita, that voice is here to stay. She's already said that she's happy to run for President. Prepare yourself for a new songtrack to our lives.

Gema Gray

Have you seen the trailers for her TV show on Alaska? It's hilarious! All these beautiful wilderness shots...Palin and the family being outdoorsy, communing with wild Alaska..

Palin (paraphrased):"Why can't we ever be content with this tranquility?"

Me:"Because you're screaming at the top of your shrill voice, disturbing whatever calm exists!"

Palin (paraphrased): "I'd much rather be out here than in some stuffy political office"

Me: "Please, lady, please, do us all a favor..."

And how come Oxford English Dictionary has added "refudiate" to the venerable English language? Bush's malapropisms became the fodder for countless jokes; she gets recognition. It just makes no gosh darn, grizzly mama, drill baby drill, sense!

Sue Katz

I love when your comments are like a whole auxiliary blog, Gema. And I suspect all my other readers do too! Thanks for this welcome chuckle.

Allen Young

The question is, do you find her at all attractive? Apparently a lot of guys do. Straight guys, that is. I love you, Katz, and wrote this only to bug you.

Sue Katz

Allen, I'm speechless. (And wish she were too.)

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