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22 January 2011


Manzoor Cheema

This is a brilliant but very sad reflection of the patriarchal consumerist society we live in! It is a great tragedy when women feel their huge breasts are the only asset to gain attention. No one cares for other aspects of woman, as you posed: "Where did she grow up? How much did she study? What was her dream? What did she think about global warming or the war in Iraq or the erosion of European workers' benefits?"

Sue Katz

Thanks you Manzoor. I guess women have always been pushed to sacrifice health for "beauty" - from bound feet to corsets to high heels to...surgery.


what a sad story showing the extreme end to which young women will go for the sake of some image they have been pursuaded they should conform to.Tanning salons are massively popular here in UK with young women, despite endless warnings about harmful effects. Concerns for future health and aspirations in life are not encouraged though, it is all about physical appearence in the 'now'.

Sue Katz

Kaz, I'm surprised that tanning salons are even legal anymore. Haven't they been very clearly shown to cause skin cancer? Yes, it is hard for young people to imagine the long life ahead. I hope that you and yours are all well, Kaz. Thanks for writing.


Those are not contented on what they have. :(

Hey kaz!Can you tell me what's in with tanning why do some girls wanted to look tanned than their usual beauty, if you have any idea?

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