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26 February 2011



SUE, you have an excellent website and your comments are enjoyable to read. I assume that is a picture of your bare foot in the snow? Very sexy. However, when you start saying that you are "over" Melissa Leo because of her acceptance speech, you have crossed the line. We judge an actress by the quality of her performances on screen and in the theatre. We do not judge them by the quality of their speeches. I respect the fact that you did not like her speech, but I did! She is one of the greatest actresses of our time. She will be winning Academy Awards for many years to come. She will be to the Oscars what the New York Yankees are to baseball. Behold, the "Leo Dynasty." Get on board Sue! Do not let the train pass you by.

Sue Katz

Dear Don,
First for the disappointments: no that is definitely not my foot in the snow - never wore nailpolish on hands or feet, ever. As for your support of Melissa Leo, I say, go for it. Loyalty is a wondrous quality and your enthusiasm is a credit to her. I cannot dispute your point that she needs to be judged on her work, not her speeches. Altho I do judge artists by their politics (this isn't relevant to Leo) and cannot, for example, stomach Dali because of his Nazi cheerleading. So there are things that affect how you see a work besides the work itself.
Again this doesn't have anything directly to do with Leo's performance, which was grand indeed.

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