08 February 2011


Mike B


The Yiddish term "mashuggenah" comes to mind.

Thanks for sharing (I think).

Charles Coe

This gentleman is obviously clinically insane. If you see him out walking, just quickly and casually cross the street. Don't appear panicked; don't look at him or call attention to yourself in any way. If he notices you and starts to walk your way, duck quicky into any crowded public place (restaurant, bookstore or such) and engage in some activity. Act norman and don't panic...

Mike Azzara

Sue, that is one fked up individual. Must be the VODKA

Sue Katz

Mike B, you took the word "mashuggenah" right out of my mouth.

Charles - I'm not sure if I know how to "Act norman and don't panic" but I think Boston is probably too warm a destination for this guy.

Mike A - I couldn't recognize the bottle he was drinking from. Assumed it was water - but are you saying it was Vodka? Cause that would be even crazier than just crazy.


i've never had such fun forwarding a link, especially to californians who tend to whimper when the temp drops below 55.
at first i just thought, 'oh yeah, when i was a kid we'd water the ice to make skating easier.' but not to go sledding without a sled or use it as a diving board!

Sue Katz

Yeah, that California thing. My brother called me up the day of maybe our 10th blizzard out here to say that due to spotting a cloud somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, he wasn't going to go out of the house.

Tom Ruwart

Temperature is merely a state of mind...
Ok, not really, but "feeling" temperature is more of a state of mind. I read an article about this some years ago and a person can train themselves to stay in frigid water for extended periods of time. Hey, it's on my Bucket List but way down at the bottom. In the meantime, here is another such video for your enjoyment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x768VAsOQSw

Sue Katz

Really? It's on your list? Makes me very curious as to what else is on there. I'll check out your link as soon as I can. Thanks for writing.

Lisa Kaser

It was amazing to see. I love seeing people creating experiences outside what is considered 'normal'. He has learned to adapt to swimming in his cold climate-I guess after a frigid dip a little vodka wouldn't hurt.

Sue Katz

Lisa, it sure is outside the average kind of sport experience. On top of his daring, he must have an amazingly healthy heart - to keep his body warm through it all.

eleanor roffman

i think he is a seal or penguin in human masquerade

Sue Katz

Yeah, Eleanor, now THAT would make sense. Thanks for clarifying.


Definitely vodka.

Sue Katz

Susan, that's pushing danger past comprehension.


You might also enjoy the Frozen Dead Guy Days, an annual festival held in Nederland, CO. One of the activities is a polar swim - http://www.nederlandchamber.org/events_fdgd-home.html

Sue Katz

We all definitely have to check that out, Rita!

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