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28 February 2011



You're absolutely right on all counts. I cringed at every question asked on the red carpet and was shocked by the "who me?" fakiness by some of the winners. I get that you're terribly nervous and God knows I've never been in your shoes, but memorize a speech and do your best to hit a few points. Oh, and the bit about acknowledging that there are people up in the high balconies? Not endearing. I'm not sure that Franco was drunk or rude, just terribly clueless and uninterested. Poor Anne Hathaway tried to save the day but he was like a millstone around her neck.

Sue Katz

To think of how brilliant you and I would be up there together, Danny, and how much more we could use the money, this year was really a wasted opportunity. Speaking of wasted, if that isn't the explanation for Franco's behavior, then sullenness must be.


Robin Roberts was the only one who didn't make me say, "WTF is she wearing?" She reminded me of Josephine Baker -- if La Baker had had simple taste. Roberts was a knockout.

And if you like you can read MY pick to host next year's show over at MY place (click name).

Sue Katz

Jill, I agree Robin looked great and besides, she talked sense and asked interesting questions. Now I'm going to rush over to your place to see your pick!


Beatty babbled incoherently? Uh, no. He didn't hear or understand the first question - hence the wrong response, and the second question he answered in a swooning, loving, admiring way about his wife, Annette.

Sue Katz

You may well be right, Priscilla. I thought he started out in a swooning answer but completely lost his way. She seemed to be gritting her teeth. But I much prefer your explanation!

Sue Kelman

I adore Tim Gunn...He's classy, real, and talks fashion as the expert he is. love him love him...

Gema Gray

I completely agree with your synopsis. In Franco's defense (I still think he stunk!) he wasn't given any decent material to deliver - the writing in general was extremely poor. It was as if Franco was just there to be a prop for Anne. As if Oscar producers didn't have the guts to put a young, talented woman out there on her own. Imagine that...

I can't resist a little home-country pride at how well the British contingent deported themselves. Well-prepared, rehearsed, you say? Maybe that's because everyone in the UK pays their dues on the stage before making it big in the movies, rather than the TV Soaps or the modeling runway.

How about Tina Fey and/or Steve Carell as presenters next year? They've both done movies as well as TV, and they're both extremely talented writers. I think the reason comedians tend to do well is because they start on the stand-up circuit in front of live audiences. They know how to handle the unique pressure of working a crowd.

Sue Katz

Sue, we are as one on the issue of Tim Gunn. He is very watchable.

Gema, your points are so well-taken that I'm having a jealousy fit that I didn't think of them. What you say about the Brits and paying their dues on the stage; about comedians and live audiences; your suggestion of Tina Fey (I'm not a big fan but she'd probably do a great job). Thanks so much for such a great comment.

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