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12 June 2011


Gema Gray

How heartwarming...and heartening. My mother is a young 83 year-old who's just starting to slow down a little bit and I worry about her. Reading this reminds me that fading hearing and a slower pace are not necessarily handicaps to enjoying life.

Thanks for sharing, Katz.


lovely sentiments..thanks

Sue Katz

Hearing and sight and memory are all pretty useful things to have, but free time, clarity about life and a supportive community are pretty cool too. Different times in life we're dealing with different kinds of obstacles I guess.

Stephen Weinstein

Reading this post was a beautiful way to begin my day! Thank you.

Sue Katz

Thanks Stephen. It's very cool to work with elders. I love it.

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Before my late mother passed away on May last year, she was still going strong at 88 years despite having high blood pressure and kidney disorder. It's her refusal to take her medicines that led to her premature demise. I always think of her and i miss her.

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