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11 June 2011


Jeannette de Beauvoir

I so get it, Katz. When I came out the first time in the early 70s, it was *all* political. You couldn't sneeze without there being political implications. And we *were* sharply segregated from gay men. Now ... I have to say that I miss that. I miss there not being venues where you find *only* women (esp. here in PTown). And I miss the engagement. The issues? They've changed, but they sure haven't gone away.


Katz, Uvashi would have given you some satisfaction.
here's some of her firebrand speech on youtube today

and you're not that old!


Urvashi's wonderful speech was very political, very inspiring.

Your spirits would have been lifted as mine were. It was a retrospective on activism and achievement by dykes from the 1970s on and a rallying cry to dykes and feminists to get active again!!

I hope she posts it.

Sue Katz

Damn me! I'm so sorry I'm missed Uvashi and thanks for letting me know.


Urv's talk:


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