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01 July 2011



Hello Sue
This is a truly great account. How is your tooth now? My dentist has been after my front tooth for years now...it is gradually getting longer as the bone above has loosened from a knock. I am reading a book called 'peeping through the reeds' by Musuva at the moment. It is an account of her life living in apartheid South Africa as 'Cape coloured' as was termed then. The tooth story reminds me of her account of going to the white dentist who extracted several her beautiful, healthy, teeth, ruining her looks as a child. It seems the dentist made 20p a tooth and 'extractions were frequently without consent or much discussion and also took place without much anaethetic.'

Sue Katz

Wow, I wonder if this dentist in Israel was an escapee from S. Africa! What a nightmare apartheid was - I'll look for the book. Now I have this huge hole and I have to remember every single bite, to eat on the other side. Hope you're well. Be careful about the erosion of bone - that's what has screwed me up. Kisses!

Rita Connolly

First dentist ever was when adult in SF. Did not have problem? Or maybe minor one? But finally had coverage so saw a dentist recommended bt aquaintance. Turned out to be a Medi-Cal (same as Medi-Caid in other states) scam artist. Would send in someone else's xrays with many problems in their mouth, get approval for work and drill in my healthy mouth. Was young and stupid and many unneeded fillings later found new dentist. Skuzz. Think he finally got caught.

Sue Katz

So what's with the scuzz-bag dentists here, there and everywhere? That's a very aggravating story, Rita. Do you still boil or are you able to be philosophical?

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