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22 July 2011



Sue: This is a great post. I love to have conversations like that with various people, when there is not even a hint of an ulterior motive or wanting to impress or one-up, just grown-ups being grown-ups.

Sue Katz

Yeah, that's exactly well-put: grown-ups being grown-ups.

Allen Young

I enjoyed reading this. I especially enjoyed Sue Katz, sexual liberationist extraordinaire, using the phrase "handsome Adonis." You have become so 21st century, and very kind to your GM readers by posting this soft-core porn item on your Blog. (OK, OK, I know your message is just the opposite, but I can't help myself. See you on Aug. 6.)

Sue Katz

Allen, of course I was aware of the gay male subtext - impossible to expose David without teasing the boys. Thanks for noticing!!


Told in the way that only Sue Katz can. Poignant, observant and with humor, retelling the ordinary in an extraordinary way. A window into the possibility of how life could be.

Sue Katz

Isn't it sad that such a simple thing touches us because it is so elusive. Thanks Mary.

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