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11 August 2011


Joan Price

Amen--especially "remember you have other communications tools." Good list, smart woman.

Sue Kelman

Brava! Those pokes...what a stupid thing. I say, "Send me money! Or a virtual kiss, or a well-deserved atta-girl." NO MORE POKES.

But in Hawaii, poke is something entirely different - sort of a Hawaiian version of ceviche and supposed to be delish!

Sue Katz

Joan, thanks, luv! Sue, don't you remember "poke" as a rude term for screwing? As in, "Yeah, I poked her, sure I did." That's what I think. Pointing poking fingers on their own are obnoxious enuf.

Gema Gray

All of which is why I have not joined FB or God-forbid Twitter. I know who my friends are and can easily reach them via phone, text, or email. I do not need/want to know what they're having for dinner every night. I do not have a desire to be "friends" with old flames, people who bullied me in high school, or strangers who happen to have some esoteric commonality with me. I do not need to promote myself or my work.

All of which makes me a fuddy-duddy dinosaur and a modern-day luddite I know. But without a compelling need to be "out there" I see absolutely no benefit in it. I'd much rather spend my time reading a book...on my Kindle of course.

Sue Katz

I don't get approached by old high school bullies because I don't list my schools - there are ways to control the in-flow on FB. For me, it is useful as a filter - I get news I would not otherwise get everyday because I have friends from other countries and communities. I learn much more about the debates in communities of color and in the trans world because of the links I follow put up by friends. I also like the political aspect of FB - a good way to pull people together and to inform any sub-group (like friends/family of my nephew when he was in the hospital - he could converse from his bed with us.) So like any tool - it can be good/bad/useful/obstacle - depends how you use it. For me, the dominant other thing is that it a HUGE time suck. Hugs...

Allen Young

My perspective on the good things and the not-so-good things about Facebook are very similar to yours, Sue. Thanks for this piece.

Sue Katz

You and I both write regularly, Allen, so there is that added aspect of using FB as a platform to get our stuff out there. I love knowing when you have a column up - wouldn't know otherwise as it is a local paper - and no one ever knows when I post a blog if I don't let them know on FB. So there's that too.

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