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29 December 2011


Shirley Moskow

Once again, we see that it doesn't take lots of money or time or effort to help or make another person feel good. A small gesture can make a big difference. If everyone would be a little kinder, the world would be a different place.

Have a great 2012,

Gema Gray

What a sweet story, Katz. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Katz

Dearests Gema and Shirley, I posted this piece on Facebook and got well over a dozen responses. I think it is a sign of how desperate we all are for that "small gesture" you refer to Shirley, in times when presidential candidates permit themselves to say the most vicious nasty things and times are generally so hard. Thanks for writing. Happy new year to you both.

Allen Young

The special effort made by many people in the Athol-Orange area during this holiday season (and, trust me, also year-round) to help those in need always impresses me. I really hate the way many allegedly sophisticated liberals in the Amherst-Northampton area look down upon this area as some sort of horrid Appalachian hell where a gay man or lesbian wouldn't dare reside. They don't have a clue.

Sue Katz

I didn't know anything about that dynamic Allen. Do you think it's a class thing? Town/country thing? Have you written about this? Perhaps you should.

Joan Price

What a lovely story! Thank you for recognizing how rare and wonderful this was -- and sharing it with us.

Sue Katz

Thanks Joan. Mostly I run through the world in a state of rage, so it's nice when I'm taken by surprise by something so positive.

Stan Eichner

Thanks for sharing that sweet story. Happy New Year.

Sue Katz

On Facebook I've had such an avalanche of responses to this posting, that it makes me sad to see how infrequently we experience unanticipated generosity. Huge hugs, Stan.

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