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24 January 2012



I agree! Most nights of BBCA are relentlessly annoying. I discovered the originals of The Office and Being Human on that channel. I also enjoyed Law and Order UK, complete with a smart and attractive 50-something lead FEMALE actor. I still like reruns of The Tudors (I don't get Showtime any more due to domestic cutbacks), even though Henry VIII and his crowd are in my mind eerily similar to the current crop of political and business "leaders" we see everywhere.

The biggest shame is that BBCA is no worse than most of the other channels on my rather expensive cable lineup.

Sue Katz

Yes, I'm a fan of the Tudors too - or was until I started having trouble keeping up with his wives and mistresses. Speaking of which, in past seasons I liked Mistresses too - but I saw the first of the new series and they completely ruined it by turning all the feisty and wild women characters into long-tressed weepy wide-eyed suck-ups. But such programming is very rare.

Danny O'Dare

You have my commiserations, Sue.

Sue Katz

Thanks Danny!

Mike Evans

Can't say that programming would inspire me either - but who said testicles were boring, hmm?

Sue Katz

Mike - allow me to interpret my title as BBC having the boring testicles - not that all testicles are boring. Because you, for example Mr Wonderful, are anything but boring. I miss hearing from you!

Gema Gray

In defense of Top Gear...

I've finally found a program that my husband and I can watch with our 15 yr old son, where we're all reasonably entertained. These are few and far between and I thank BBCA for it. Plus I've learned a lot about cars!

A lot of the show - while about cars - is actually very funny comedy (in the wry, dry, way us Brits do funny).

BBCA also airs the incomparable Dr Who, although I do prefer the Doctors I grew up with than the newer iterations.

None of which detracts from your central point that the programming is largely male-centered and white. But this is the BeeB...are you really surprised?

And BBC World News is wonderful - I watch it whenever I can.

Sue Katz

Can't you watch Mistresses with you son and husband? Just kidding. Okay, that's one way to look at it. The news is usually good - at least it's international, which no American newscast other than the incomparable Any Goodman on Democracy Now! ever does. Thanks for writing Gema. Always enlightening to hear your point of view. Hugs.

Tim Kukler

Never figured out how that James May got onto any show like a top gear nevermind a separate road trip. Our cat has sharper wit then this is boring old man. Sorry James it's the truth. She only says meow but her timing is impeccable.

Sue Katz

Well, obviously your cat is devoted to keeping up the high standards of the rest of your family, Tim!

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