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12 January 2012


Allen Young

Your enthusiasm for this film, as well as your account of its story, makes me want to go see it. There are theaters in Amherst, Keene and Brattleboro, 35-45 minutes from my home, where it is fairly likely this movie will be played. (We rural folk are not as culturally deprived as some of you city folk might think.) I will keep my eyes open for it. Thanks.

Sue Katz

Oh, you'll love it Allen. And I admire your optimism. But like I say, the Kendall is, so far, the only place to see it in greater Boston and I'm not even sure if it'll last to next week.

Tim Kukler

Thanks for the heads up about this film!

Sue Katz

If you get to see it Tim, let me know what you think.

Sue Katz

I have intermittent access to my email while I am hiding out to write, so my response to your message may not be as prompt as you usually expect. If it is a pressing matter, contact me on my cellphone.

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