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17 January 2012


Shirley Moskow

It's one of my favorite road foot places, too. One problem, though. If I stop at the beginning of my trip, I know that I'll be late arriving. And, if I stop on the way home, I know that I'll get home later than I'd planned. It's tough to pull myself away.

Sue Katz

Of course you would know all the cool places - and combining "travel" with "book" - just made for you Shirley. And I can see your conundrum!

Joan Price

This is wonderful! I've heard of coffee shops that let customers take and leave books, but nothing on this scale! Love this!

Sue Katz

I could just see you there, Joan. I noticed another table getting served these gorgeous tall glasses of hot chocolate - and was sorry I hadn't thought of that.

davidshearer1956@gmail.com Shearer

What an awesome idea! My future calling in life might just be the West Coast version of this unique idea.

Sue Katz

Let me know the minute it's up and running so that I can tell all my west coast peeps!

Tim Kukler

Thank you, Sue. One does get tired of the major food national brands after a while. I too, have stopped in here at the Traveller's Restaurant and confirm that it was a good experience. Thanks for this article Sue and a great, "Find!"

Sue Katz

And thank you for always being so responsive, Tim, to my postings.

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