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09 March 2012


Joan Price

What great advice! I call Comcast every few months to see what discounts I'm entitled to and usually get a substantial 6-month discount. But I never tried wheedling them for a special show on HBO!

Allen Young

Another thing that has worked for me is protesting the high annual fee for a credit card. I have managed to get the fee reduced or eliminated for a year. Also, if I find any fault with a product, I will call the 800 number and politely register my complaint, and get some coupons. In the days of Abbie Hoffman's "Steal this Book," I used to register false complaints to get free stuff, but I would not do that today due to what I consider my more mature ethical code.


Call centre work must be utterly soul destroying. You may be on the scrounge, but you are also acknowledging someone's humanity.

Sue Katz

Oh, I wouldn't call it "the scrounge" - I would call it reparations. Comcast is a beast and a blood-sucker. Yes, call centers are verbal sweatshops, indeed.

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