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23 April 2012


Allen Young

Thanks for your review. I look forward to seeing this film. Much more, I look forward to "Left on Pearl" being finished so I can encourage others to go see it. (I already viewed it as a work in progress, as you know, and found it to be very exciting.) Though I haven't seen this film, I strongly suspect that your analysis is perfect.

Sue Katz

I saw Miss Representation with two friends, Allen, and one agrees with me and one didn't see it this way - and liked the film without such reservations. I wanted to dig it, I did. But I didn't.

Charles Coe

It sounds like there might be some of the same problems with this movie that exist with organizations like NOW and the NAACP; on the one hand, they're doing positive and important work. But on the other, they don't try very hard to include anyone not in their communities' "elite."

Sue Katz

Yes, I take your point Charles. It's also about their agenda. It precludes inclusion. I certainly am not interested in fighting for more women CEOs or more queer Generals.

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