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24 May 2012


Charles Coe

"Arrogant prick" is about the size of it when you're talking Dylan. Although maybe that should be "Arrogant Genius Prick." But he's not the first (and won't be the last) great artist to keep performing WAY past his "sell-by date." (Case in point: Frank Sinatra.)Few performers can age with the grace and beauty of a Leonard Cohen.

Rita Connolly

When you figure out what you really feel about him let us know!

Allen Young

What a strange birthday tribute! I agree with so much of what you say about him on the negative side, but how can one not celebrate the political poetry contained in and emotion engendered by so many of his early songs ("Hard Rain," "Masters of War," "Blowing in the Wind," just to mention the most obvious?


I just bought (on iTunes) the album 'Chimes of Freedom' of a long list of other musicians singing Dylan songs. Such a good songwriter - but I've always been someone who loved his singing too.

Sue Katz

Friends, sorry I'm late in getting your comments up - I'm sick (and trying to write about that). Charles: "arrogant genius prick" (!) - I stand corrected and love that. Rita, it takes one to know one. Allen, yes, he's done some wonderful song-writing, but in the good ole days I identified as a revolutionary anarcho-feminist - and his was always a liberal non-ideological critique. And Sue, I also like his voice on a lot of his work (like Lay Lady Lay). Thanks all.

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