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25 June 2012


Gema Gray

A truly great author who I had the pleasure of first "meeting" as a High School French student. I haven't read anything of his since college. I must revisit - especially as I haven't even heard of this short story.

Maybe I can brush up my French and try to read him in the original French again...

Thanks you Katz for reintroducing me!

Sue Katz

Oh, I'd be very curious about how it reads in the French (I know none), Gema. I bet you can find the French text online. Let me know. (It was Jeanne H who recommended it, by the way.)


If you want more on panthers, watch the Nastasia Kinsky version of the movie "Cat People." I may be weird but I found it to be very erotic!

Sue Katz

I believe, Sue, that a lot of people agree with you on that one. So no, not weird, just a member of a Kinsky subculture.

Ruth Z Deming

Hi Sue, Thanks for recommending the Balzac story. Loved it! In fact, I wrote a poem about it on my own blog, giving credit to you of course!

Sue Katz

All this time has passed and I'm still thinking about the story. So glad you liked it too and I'll definitely check out your blog.

One request: you should post here the link to the poem on your blog so that all my readers can see it!

Ruth Z Deming

it should've come up when I listed my name - but here tis - also i did like the movie 'cat people' - http://ruthzdeming.blogspot.com/2012/07/beat-heat-at-our-coffeeshop-writers.html

thanks for reading!

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I believe, Sue, that a lot of people agree with you on that one. So no, not weird, just a member of a Kinsky subculture.


I first read this story as a soldier in the Gulf War in 1991. Being a cat lover (no giggles, you!), the story really caught me. I just watched the movie and then re-read the short story. It is a real heartbreaker of a story. Probably perfect for anyone who has ever loved and done something impulsively to ruin it all. by using the panther, maybe Balzac was trying to keep the reader from focusing on the love-interest as a character, and more on the ...whatever....

This story breaks my heart. The movie plays on it even more, but the same effect in the end.

sue katz

Dear Andy, Thanks for writing. Did I know this story was made into a movie? I don't think so, so I'll go seek it out. Interesting to read this as a soldier, wow.

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