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14 June 2012



I agree about the small 8oz sizes needing to be available. It IS all about individual choice after all. I don't drink soda at all, so this is a non-issue for me, but still gets my fur ruffled that the government (fed, state, local) thinks it has the right to limit my choices. Choice is up to the business owner as to what he wants to sell/allow/etc and the consumer as to what they want/will buy/consume. But maybe it's just me...LOL

Mike Evans

I'm fascinated by this issue, and it turns out not to be a simple one.

Like Lynda I don't drink soda on a regular basis and believe that we should all be able to make our own choices. In fact I don't eat out often either and never in the places that serve soda in buckets. But her point is that consumer choice should lead the market and that vendors will bow to that.

Yet clearly, when faced with the choice of a small cup or bucket of sugared carbonated water, as a species we choose the bucket. So much so that the vendor finds it not worth while to offer the cup any longer. Suddenly we see why it is sometimes necessary to intervene to protect the rights of the minority and possibly limit the behaviour of the majority - and that turns out to be the case whether we are talking soda or sexuality.

Sue Katz

Mike, so nice to hear from you! Although your reasoning is logical and, well, reasonable, I'm not sure it is accurate. I'm not sure vendors don't offer small drinks because buyers don't choose them, but rather that they can charge so much more for the bigger sizes that they simply give buyers no choice at all. Profit guides them, not just demand. They create and shape demand - that's how capitalism works. And yes, you're so right - too often the minority need help gaining or protecting their rights - that's what all the civil rights legislation was about, too. I miss you, Mike!!!

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