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10 June 2012


Jen Hunter

The Temple of Witchcraft is a group run by Christopher Penczak, a wonderful guy who also happens to be gay and wrote (among other books) "Gay Witchcraft." I've been to several of their rituals. They're good people.

Allen Young

The headline on your piece, and the final paragraph were rather negative, but the overall narrative was mostly positive and enjoyable. It was a very strange juxtaposition of your thoughts on this event. My own summary: l.) times change; 2.) capitalism continues to be the focus of our economy; and 3.) some gay people like religion. I hope you are feeling better, and despite what you wrote here, I think you will always be inspired in some way!

Sue Katz

Thanks Allen as always.

And Jen, I should have asked you about the group, but thanks for jumping in with an explanation.

Barbara Beckwith

Great description of the parade, warts & all - either you're feeling better, or your writing genius is able to thrive despite your stressed lungs -

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