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27 November 2012


Allen Young

Thanks for sharing your birthday report. I've been at it for 6 years now, and have no problem accepting senior discounts, but I still struggle to cope not so much with Medicare itself (I'm thankful for it and always share the knowledge that it was favored by Democrats and opposed by Republicans). The problem is the choices one faces to obtain coverage beyond Medicare. In my case, I've chosen a Medicare Advantage plan, but there are so many of those and it's hard to choose the right one. There are also Medigap or supplements such as the one promoted by AARP, and those are more costly and also come in a multitude of varieties. Always just glad to be alive and in pretty good health!

Sue Katz

Yes, it's the necessary supplements that cause all the confusion. I wouldn't touch AARP's insurance with a bargepole cause I can't stand them. I didn't choose Advantage, because I think it's a step towards privatization of Medicare (even tho it's cheaper and easier). I still haven't dealt with prescription insurance. Sigh.

Walter Broner

Keep working, writing, doing good. Glad to know Gail and Donna took care of you!

Sue Katz

They had me for Thanksgiving as well! (Still eating the leftover apple pie.)

Sue Katz

I'm in L.A. writing, so my response to mail will be erratic. This is an auto-message, by the way.


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