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13 December 2012


Walter Broner

As an old white male rocker - I approve this message.

sue katz

Then my life, dear Walter, is worth living!

Jim Hiscock

Walter is your politics crap or are you the exception?

davidshearer1956@gmail.com Shearer

So true about Mick, and the rest of them too. Were it not for the unique kick that drummer Charlie Watts infused the Stones music with, they would have faded away a long time ago with all of the other over the hill rock stars. Not to mention Watts' sober sensabilities and business acumen which kept the Stones from imploding for 50 years. Watts once punched Jager in the face and told him to never again refer to him as "...his drummer. You're my singer!" The Stones are more the result of superb marketing and savy management then they are about good music.

sue katz

Wow, David, that is so interesting. I've missed all of that all these years from not taking a scrap of interest in the Stones, but thanks for all that backstory. I appreciate it. Love the "You're my singer" anecdote!!

arlene distler

Hi Sue. I streamed, then TV'd the last 45 mins or so.....thanks for your review, I don't have to feel I missed much. Mostly it was Paul McCartney, and I must say he wasn't wonderful. His voice at times was pretty dreadful, but he tried hard to give a good show. Diana Krall came out at one point and played piano for him......never to be seen or mentioned again, even when he was thanking his other band members. I was incredulous!

sue katz

I missed that part - heard nothing, read nothing about Krall appearing. She didn't appear in the pre-event publicity either. Shocking. Anyway, thanks for writing, Arlene.

Charles Coe

HIghlight of the night was Eric Clapton, who for his first tune sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar and did a fantastic solo version of "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out." A brilliant choice.

sue katz

I agree. I thought he did a good job on that.

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