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23 December 2012


Allen Young

I strongly urge you to move forward with these projects. I have worked on a few books in recent years, both self-published an with a tiny local publishing company, with results that satisfy me. Did I make any money? Yeah, maybe at most a few hundred dollars, but I didn't lose money, and it was very satisfying even with selling perhaps 500 books of each title. You go, Sue Katz.

sue katz

Allen you sweetheart! Thanks for the encouragement.

Gema Gray

Go for it!

I'm all in on being a reader for you, if you think I could be helpful. Being neither a senior nor a lesbian I may be of limited value to these projects though...

I hope this doesn't mean that there will be fewer blogs from you here. It's always a treat to read your witty and incisive pieces.

sue katz

Writing is writing, reading is reading, so you don't need to be one of the characters to love or hate literature. I'm not a penniless aristocrat (I suspect you noticed that), but I still adore Jane Austen's books. But seriously, thanks for the offer Gema and I will take you up on it!

Joan Price

Can't wait to see this one: "collection of short stories about seniors/elders and their sexual and/or emotional lives." If I can be of service, get in touch by email.

sue katz

Will do, Joan!


Yay for friends with vacations homes! I’m also interested in both manuscripts. And, having recently gone through the process of publishing with a tiny publisher, can provide some insight into the publishing process. XO

sue katz

Stephanie, what a sweet offer. I definitely will have a chat with you about the process you went through. Yah, for vacation homes -- except when they are threatening 18" of heavy wet snow and major power outages tonight! Oh dear.

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