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14 January 2013


Stephen Weinstein

Thanks once again for an interesting, informative and well-written post. For the first time I will have to consider a visit to Hartford on my summer pilgrimage to Maine.

sue katz

This is the first I hear of an annual visit to Maine. I must know more. Perhaps we can meet up. Oh, and the houses are quite worth a stop.

Greg Morris

You really are a travel editor/writer. It makes me want to visit Hartford!

sue katz

Ah Greg, you say that to all your girls.

Allen Young

What an informative and positive article! I took the tour of the Mark Twain house years ago, and enjoyed it a lot. The Stowe house was not open at that time. To anyone visiting Hartford, also consider time at the Hartford Atheneum, a top-notch fine arts museum in downtown Hartford.

sue katz

Allen, thanks for the heads-up about the Atheneum, which I did not know about. And thanks for the kind words.

Charles Coe

Both houses are fascinating to visit. It's also interesting to note that when they were built, the surrounding area was a pastoral, lightly settled area of Hartford; now it's in an a very diverse, slightly dodgy area filled with fast food houses, check-cashing joints and the like.

Last spring, I went with a friend from Boston to revisit both places, and found when we arrived that the Twain House was closed to film an episode of a stupid cable TV show called "Ghost Hunters", and there was nothing about it on their website (which I'd checked the day before). Needless to say, I vented some serious email spleen...

sue katz

That is seriously annoying Charles. I'm glad you kept your fury to a digital expression. Yes, apparently where there is now what looks like a housing project next to the Twain house, there used to be a river flowing by. (It was diverted.)

As for the neighborhood, we tried to find a place to grab something - anything - for breakfast and ended up going to a hospital cafeteria a couple of miles away!

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