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16 April 2013



I breathed a sigh of relief reading your blog. We've been thinking about you! Glad you are safe. You say, "We don't understand why..." That's true on some level, but on the other hand we understand too much and it sickens us. Your blog rocks as usual!

Greg Morris

Glad you were safe, and I appreciate your matter of fact commentary of your experience. And we thought the 60's were dangerous (in retrospect)...

Sue Katz

Thanks Jo-Lynne. Yes, you're right. When I say, "I don't understand," I guess I mean it in my heart of hearts. The older I get the less I comprehend assholery.

Sue Katz

Greg, at least the 60s were exhilarating and exciting (at least as best I remember).

Sue Katz

Greg, at least the 60s were exhilarating and exciting (what I can remember of them.)

miri krasin

I too understand less and less, both nations - not least my rabid killer state - and people's actions and automatic thoughtless and vile reactions.thanks for your accurate, sound and beautifully written commentary, and more than that - thanks for being safe. Miss you

Sue Katz

Yes, you and I have been going through these events together and separately for many years, Miri. Thanks for writing.


Thank you for such a moving piece Sue and such life in your photo linked here with so much pain and destruction.continue to keep safe.

Sue Katz

Thanks for your friendship, dear Kaz. (Meanwhile, if this goes thru, it'll be a miracle as my own blog only rarely allows me to upload a comment.)

Lisa Kaser

Really great piece of writing. So important pulling in all the similar experiences you have had-the tragedies of these events. Thanks.

Sue Katz

Thanks Lisa. That is what I tried to do.


If you can stand a giggle--
Since I'd already spoken with you on the phone, I read this post only today. So there's nothing more to comment, except to say that 'I was blown away' was probably not your most well chosen line.

Sue Katz


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