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17 May 2013


Allen Young

I appreciate your skepticism, especially in response to this dramatic step taken by Angelina Jolie. I also appreciate that science in general and medical science specifically makes mistakes, including big mistakes. However, I cannot possibly agree with your sweeping dismissal of science and its accomplishments. Modern medicine has been very good to me in many ways, and I have had excellent care from both primary care and specialized physicians, and have benefited from drugs produced by the oft-hated "Big Pharm." I think that the frequent put-down of modern Western medicine and the accompanying celebration of so-called "alternative medicine" and "Eastern medicine" has been harmful to many people. One must be quite careful and measured in such matters, and I do not find most of your comments here to be careful or measured or nuanced. I write this while also acknowledging that patients must advocate for themselves and not worship physicians (some of whom have huge egos) or drugs, but be realistic and cautious.


Well said and how true!

Dr. Susan Corso

Katz, brava! The fearmongering in the medical establishment is legion!

Mike Evans

Hmm, is that you in the bonnet on the right Katz? Strange likeness. I'm emailing my thoughts on your article separately as it is too much for a comment here.

Lisa Kaser

I find your argument to hold fair and reasonable skeptisism and substance. I speak from a limited range of knowledge regarding most of the science fields, but I do pay attention, read broadly and use basic common sense to weed through science enmeshed with commerce.

Sheila Parks

Dear Sue, I LOVE what you say. I take no western meds and do not go to western docs. And I am older than you.I fear that because of her status and privilege, many will be influenced by Angelina Jolie, and follow suit, alas.

Sue Katz

I'm away with only sporadic Internet access for a few days. You can reach me on my cell.



I also have a hate-need relationship to medicine - am very sceptical about gene science etc but got my baby via IVF. I don't at all begrudge Jolie's operation for her emotional health but I despair that so much attention now goes to those with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer when that's such a small percentage, even by the doctor's reckoning.

Sue Katz

Susan, you were always very good at recognizing and expressing the complexity of issues. Thanks for this.

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