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03 June 2013


Suzanne BeVier



And the worst part is that this same snarky cashier would have asked you for ID if you had wanted to buy booze or smokes.....*shaking head* Such is the nanny state of things these days.

Sue Katz

The worst is that she WASN'T being snarky. She was, in her opinion, stating the obvious.


Ah youth. I used to like them...
I think this comment may even be worse than my having gotten a senior discount *without being asked!!!!* I thought of saying, "I'm not a senior!" but then decided I might as well take the 15% discount... even though I won't be a senior for 6 YEARS AND A DAY. Oy.

Sue Katz

Yeah, take what you can get, in terms of senior stuff, Deb.

Joan Price

I gasped when I read her comment! Thanks for sharing that.

Alan Venable

At least she said ma'am. That's respectful!

Sue Katz

Alan, she was tickled with herself, never meant to be disrespectful - I agree. (Although I hate the word "ma'am.)

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