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04 June 2013



Thanks for posting this, Katz. The trailer is POWERFUL and MOVING and I will make a point of seeing the film.

Sue Katz

I think you'll appreciate it quite a bit, Debi.


The film is on Netflix!

Sue Katz

Tracy in on the board of ONE, the oldest LGBT archive, and has taught me how important documentation is and how we should apy attention to saving the paper and items that mark our struggles.


I was living in San Francisco when aids was first "discovered," originally called the gay cancer. It's hard to even think back to that time, and how common it was for young gay men to be dying.

I had neighbors, I think they were both named Bob -- normal Bob and gorgeous Bob, we called them. Gorgeous Bob was gorgeous and kind of snotty. I rarely saw either of them. Then I heard them moving out one day, and saw normal Bob helping Gorgeous Bob down the stairs, like an old man, although he probably wasn't 40. He had aids, and not much time left to live so they decided to go somewhere by trees for his last days. It was everywhere.

My gay male secretary was part of a group of young gay men who provided unofficial hospice care to their friends, who were dying. It was just overwhelming at the time. So different today, although I think among the poor, drug users, prostitutes, the invisible people, it's much the same.

Sue Katz

Such vivid, intimate, moving recollections - I wish you had signed your name. I wish I knew who was writing. Thanks, in any event.

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