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19 August 2013


Gema Gray

It is testament to the diversity of Chicago that I have just returned from 5 days there, had a great time, and didn't go to a single one of the places that you did.

I completely agree about the lake, and I would add the world class Field Museum (natural history) and Shedd Aquarium to the "must see" list.

Like New York, I too found the city somewhat impersonal. Great to visit, but difficult to connect to emotionally.

Sue Katz

Absolutely everyone said to go to the Aquarium - we just didn't make it. Same with the Field Museum. Interesting that you too didn't connect emotionally - a good way of putting it, Gema.

John Oliver Mason

Yes, Sue, it was a great time in Chicago. Also, Chicago is known in social history as the site of the Haymarket incident of 1886, when union organizers were accused of throwing a bomb into a line of police officers, and the state had them ssentenced to death in a kangaroo court; and also the founding of the Industrial workers of the World (IWW), the wild and crazy "Wobblies," the most colorful and militant Labor movement in US history.

Sue Katz

Great history, John. The IWW was my first union affiliation. Thanks for all these additions.

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