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06 August 2013


Shirley Moskow

Hope you're feeling better now. From Personal experience, I know that a fall like that can hurt for days.Please, be more careful.

Joan Price

Wow, Sue. Powerful story -- and a lesson to all of us.

sue katz

Thanks Shirley and Joan. I'm fine - just the foot is sore where it caught on the lip of the step. I spent the day walking on it so it is complaining and I'm about to put it up and rest it. Thanks again.


I can't believe that no one stopped to see if you were OK. That saddens me!!!

sue katz

Yes, that was odd, indeed.


Similar ground-slapping experience saved my face and head from extinction on the main drag in Belfast, Northern Ireland, years back. A dozen people ran to me from all directions, wanting to pick me up. I thanked them, said I wanted to take inventory of my bones first, and they all walked away. One man went over to a shop window and pretended to be window shopping. Actually, he was watching my reflection in the window and came over when I got up, offered to walk me back to my hotel. In Boston people would have assumed I was drunk and stepped over my prostrate form.

Kaz williams

Glad you are ok sue, arnica excellent for bruising. You are still a brilliant martial artist sue, that spirit never goes!I your article brings back wonderful memories of being in your Dojo in Tel Aviv. I hope my muscle memory stays too for the future as my active martial art career begins to go into retirement after 24 years. X

sue katz

Miriam, reminds me to the time I tripped in full business dress on the way to the Tube shortly after I moved to London. I just laid flat watching all the shoes go by without even slowing down. The guy watching your reflection - sounds like a good person.

sue katz

Of course I was thinking of you as I was writing the piece, dear Kaz. I need to call you. I'm planning on getting to London mid-September and am dying to see you. Right now though I'm out of town. Email me your latest landline if you have one.

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