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28 September 2013


Gema Gray

Oh Katz,

How scary! And unsettling! So relieved you and your friends are safe. Did they take all your stuff? Are you OK for the rest of your stay? Can I help with anything?

sue katz

Gema, they never got in the flat. We disturbed them just as they were banging down the door. I'm fine - over at my girlfriend's place. Thanks.


WOW!! Scary stuff!!

Glad firearms are not as available in the UK as they are in the US.

Take care of yourself. Believe it or not, PTSD gets started by just such events. Your blog is a great and healthy (and safe) outlet. I mean that. Out let. Let it out. Don't keep it bottled up.

Tale care and enjoy the rest of your trip. Enough excitement!

sue katz

I had that exact discussion with my girlfriends - how different it would have been in the States, how these young people would be armed. I'm okay - because they didn't get my computer. Otherwise I'd be a mess.

rita connolly

Do expect to be skittish for some time. Entering locked areas, hearing a noise, seeing a couple young men together on street, apartment hall, etc. will bring it back Maybe anxious dreams. Indeed keep talking to others about it but don't ruminate. It does ease off after time. Speaking from experience. Glad that all three are OK--more or less.

sue katz

Thanks all. But I do feel that we got out of it without harm. IF they had gotten my computer or touched us - a whole other story. But they didn't. Whew.

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