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21 October 2013


Heather Gladding

What a laugh that gave me this morning ( sorry it's at your expense) but sorry you didn't get that much rested journey you were so looking forward to on Sunday.
Look forward to speaking to you soon.

sue katz

Well, giving you a giggle is certainly one positive outcome, as they say in management speak. Thanks, luv.

Mike Evans

Welcome home Sue. What a ball we had! "Miles to go before we sleep" eh? I hope you can rest now.

Gema Gray

Welcome back Katz! Can't wait for the next set of travelogues. Always so entertaining...


Welcome home world traveler. It just ain't the same without you here but we loved reading of all your escapades.

Sue Katz

Mike, so happy to learn that you don't snore - during our fab Blackpool outing. Gema, I'm facing so much work-work that who knows if I'll be writing more about the trip. Robin, did I hear "dinner"?

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