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06 November 2013



Hi Katz,

I've bee thinking of a blog or column called "Senior Moment." This experience is just the type of thing I would want in it. Maybe we can share? If I ever get around to it. Just got Medicare this year.

Do not care for the word "Senior" though. Sounds so high school, doncha think? When I go to the movies I ask for old people's tickets, but I heard a guy in front of me ask for "gaffer" tickets, so think I'll do that now. (My other blog on campaigning Campaign Slut is listed below.)

Allen Young

I have a Medicare Advantage plan, which is different from "just Medicare." I had a visit from a nurse practitioner, which sounds similar to yours, but it was not at all unpleasant. I still am entitled to an annual physical by my physician, and no blood work was involved in this "wellness visit." I have had very good experience with my health care in Central Massachusetts, which has included the small community hospital in Athol (where I was employed for 10 years as director of public relations) and in a large hospital in Worcester. I am very much tuned in to what people say about health care, and the reports vary widely. Around here, the majority of comments are positive. I heard a report on NPR today that doctors and nurses are assaulted in hospitals in China because patients are so dissatisfied with care, and the doctors and nurses are upset by lack of security for them. I am not saying that our health care system is perfect, I know some people don't get adequate care, and I support a single payer system. But I also feel fortunate to have the doctors and hospitals and even the drug companies that I have.

Sue Katz

Dotty, I read your Campaign Slut blogs when you post the link on FB. I write quite a bit about aging in this blog, which I founded many years ago to talk about sex and aging. I'm still talkin' about it! Thanks for writing.

Sue Katz

You are indeed lucky Allen, but I think it is helpful as well that you've lived in the same community for so long. You've built up positive relationships. Unfortunately, there are many more than "some people" who don't get adequate care. You point to the problem: no single payer. Just this profit machine (insurance companies) stuck into the middle of the system. Strange. Hugs, Katz

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