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08 January 2014



Way to go. Looks like a very cool place.
It triggered a memory about how way back when he was one of Missouri's young Republican wunderkinds in a state that traditionally had been Democratic.

Sue Katz

Jo-Lynne, who are you referring to? I'm confused.

Mike Evans

Wow - that "prisoners" print is brilliant! I'm baffled that gouache paintings from as recently as 1941 would already be so fragile that they couldn't be exhibited though. Anyway, it looks as though silk screen, although by nature less subtle, suits his work.

Can't remember if I told you but I've started a blog to cover my immanent trip to Thailand over at mikeintonbridge.wordpress.com probably silence from me 'til I get back as comms will be patchy.

Sue Katz

Mike, you would find the dozens of prisoner paintings very powerful, I suspect. I will check out your blog and I'm wondering how long you are going for.

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