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10 January 2014



Love how you don't hold back Sue. Thanks for the warning!

Sue Katz

How cool to see you on my blog, your honour!!

Mike Evans

Your 126 minutes of pain have at least caused me 20 seconds of belly laugh. You may consider this poor value, but as I'm stuck at home with a streaming cold I'm grateful for it. Let's hope they don't have this on my flights to Bangkok next week otherwise the last laugh will be yours.

Sue Katz

As you know, Mike, I live to serve.

Chicken soup chicken soup chicken soup.

Allen Young

I will skip this movie thanks to you. As for "eye candy," I wish River Phoenix were still alive. Does Mike Evans know that chicken soup is sometimes called "the Jewish penicillin?"

Sue Katz

I think Mike does - probably heard it from me if no one else.


Great you put it on the line... we haven't seen it and don't plan to. Hey you could have gone to the useless Wolf of Wall Street (which we also haven't seen) and spent 3 wasted hours.

Mike Evans

I did know - and thanks Allen and Sue. We used all the chicken stock up earlier in the week so are planning a chicken dinner over the weekend. Meanwhile I'm relying on home made elderberry cordial alternating with lemon and honey. Today's lunch: bubble and squeek. I don't suppose anyone claims that as a cure for anything but it was good.

Sue Katz

You make a good point, Jo-Lynne. Why do these boys think we want to see these unedited never-ending films? Tighten it up, guys!

Sue Katz

Mike, I think you might consider translating bubble and squeak for the American audience!
And, if I may, chicken does not have the same antibiotic properties as chicken soup! If you want my recipe, just ask.

Charles Coe

So did you like it or not?

Mike Evans

OK - translation of "bubble and squeak": leftover potatoes and green veg - generally cabbage or brussels sprouts, fried together into patties using some form of fat with the optional inclusion of bacon bits and or egg. Preferably served with brown sauce or Branston pickle. Ummmm.... I think there is no American translation for brown sauce!

The deal with the chicken is that I roast it in a cast iron pot, take it out and carve off enough for a dinner, then the rest of the chicken goes back in the pot, plus an onion, garlic, carrot, random vegetables I have laying around, mixed herbs, bay leaf, peppercorns and any water left over from steaming veg. Then I cover with water, add salt and simmer for an hour - is that about right?

Jessica Cohan

I could not agree more with this review. I couldn't wait to see this film, because everyone told be that I'd love it and that it was brilliant. I hated it. Thanks for the supporting evidence!

Sue Katz

Thanks Jessica. I think the roster of Oscar-nominated films this year is worse than at any other time I can remember. I'm at a loss to understand the appeal, but life is too short. Besides, I just know there are a gazillion brilliant filmmakers out there without the resources or distribution agreements to get their films to us. It's frustrating.

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