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02 February 2014


Tracy Moore

I was delighted to see the positive lead of this review, because we know Katz has high standards for film.
But I would like to ask whether, after seeing the trailer and reading her review, one really needs to see the film.
However I do appreciate good OLD character actors no end, and I imagine watching them do subtle intricate things with their characterizations could be a real treat. Many men, few women, of course.
Were there such performances, dear Katz o' mine?

Sue Katz

Hmm, this is not a film that I would insist my friends see - as was the fabulous Fruitvale Station (which somehow doesn't figure in the Oscars - shame!). But it is a better film than nearly all the Oscar-nominated films (except Philomena, of course), a short of left-handed compliment. I liked the way Dern played the old man. And I liked the honesty with which the family roles of men and women in families were represented.

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