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18 February 2014


Gema Gray

So glad you're getting better. Yay!

Bacon is a wonderful thing...practically its own food group in my house. BLTs, quiche Lorraine, spaghetti carbonara, French toast with bacon and fried tomatoes piled on top, traditional British "fry up", sausage and bean casserole (secret ingredient: bacon)...it just goes on and on.

Can't wait for your writing juices to return so you can treat us to an Olympic round up. I thoroughly enjoyed the ice dance last night.

Sue Katz

I don't think I'll be doing any Olympic roundup this year, Gema, but you get a Gold Medal in Bacon!

Mike Evans

Sorry to hear you've been had by both virus and government. Missed the earlier post as I've been in a remote village. One of the things I did whilst there waa go on a search for a plant D wanted photographed. No luck. However my guide is a herbalist and he dug lots of roots as we went. As I left yesterday he came with a bag of them dried for me. Drugs free from nature stilll available to those with the know how in N Thailand.

Sue Katz

I don't know what's in this damned Tamiflu, but herbal it ain't. The second I took it I felt it ws toxic. It killed the influenza, but I wonder what else it killed. But what a great experience for you with the herbalist!

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