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13 February 2014


Gema Gray

It's not just Medicare. My family has about as good a medical insurance package as you can get through my husband's work. I just paid $60 for a prescription rescue inhaler for my asthmatic son. I was shocked. If I'm paying $60, how much is someone else paying with minimal insurance? For a RESCUE medication that could save a life!!!

I hope you feel much better very soon. And please, write a blog about the Olympics...always entertaining.

Sue Katz

So what the hell IS insurance in this country? That's grotesque - paying that kind of money for a rescue inhaler. Disgusting.


The flu sounds horrid, and your experience getting medication almost worse. What a wonderful thing we have in the UK with our National Health Service - and how precious it is.

Sue Katz

Thanks Liz, I just hope you can hang onto the NHS. Seems like the government is trying hard to erode it.


So sorry you're sick. I wouldn't dare to put what we've been paying for insurance. It's our largest monthly expense for a decade. Now with Obamacare it's still our largest monthly expense although less. Coventry sucks though. See if Cigna is better.

Sue Katz

Oh, I plan to leave Coventry - I'm just locked in until next year. Trust me I've spent dozens of hours complaining right up to the CEO of their parents company! I hope you're both well. Hugs.

Sue Katz

I have a bad case of the flu so I won't be on the computer so much in the next few days. If I'm slow to respond, blame it on the cooties and fever.

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