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15 June 2014


mary lesko

Brilliant marketing idea! Kudos to Lucky and to you for listening to Lucky.

sue katz

Remember, Mary, I still have that sign and you'll have to hold it in the restaurant next time we go out to eat!

Allen Young

I'll tell you what I liked best about this article: the positive tone and joy in it. I really dislike when radical gay activists from the early 1970s, such as you and I (or should it be "you and me?"), complain that today's Pride events are not as militant or have businesses included. Times change, and I see no reason to complain. How can we not be impressed by the participation and support of Gov. Patrick and Sen. Warren?! (Even if they or others are not perfect in their politics, whatever "perfect" is.) Go Lillian and Go Sue!

sue katz

Well, I seem to have given the wrong impression. I would love to rage and complain - as I have done for a number of years - but this year I did my own little "if you can't beat them, join them.

Allen Young

Gee whiz, so I'm the bad guy again. I already am not allowed to say anything containing my view of Israel/Palestine and now this!

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